Poltergeist Bootcamp VR

Poltergeist Bootcamp VR

Poltergeist Bootcamp is a Player-vs-Player Virtual Reality game. The players, each playing the role of a Poltergeist, are challanged to cause a greater mess than their opponent in a 50s style american kitchen. Every asset present in the game including the soundtrack was self-designed by the team.

Poltergeist Target Render
Target rendering to define what style and look we were aiming at.

Date – 2018/2019

Genre – Virtual Reality Game

Tools – Unity 3D, Autodesk Maya

Team Members – Johannes Ambrosch, Nicole Bilek, Huang Chen, Alisa Feldhofer, Andrea Schwarzbauer

Manuel Aigner, Andreas Baumgartner, Christoph Grubits, Lavinia-Daniela Muresan, Tanja Walter

Personal contribution – Target Render, 3D-Modeling, Lead Asset Artist and Unity integration, realization video trailer