Ornithophobia VR

Ornithophobia VR is a project created in collaboration with Phobius, a therapy center in vienna, which is specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders using virtual reality. The application is used as a supporting medium for the treatment of bird and flutter phobia and is intended to for use as part of a professional therapy.

While the client is in VR, the therapist can adjust multiple parameters such as the number of pigeons and how close they can get, on a monitor interface. The fact that the virtual pigeons react to the patient is a feature that makes the application particularly valuable for therapy.

Ornithophobia VR Game Still
Ornithophobia VR Therapy session

Date – 2019/2020

Genre – Virtual Reality Application

Tools – Autodesk Maya, Unity 3D

Team Members – Nicole Bilek, Huang Chen, Alisa Feldhofer, Andrea Schwarzbauer

Personal contribution – 3D-Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Unity integration, realization video trailer

I was in charge of modeling and rigging a pigeon as well as creating walking, flying and pecking animations for it. Each feather was individually modelled and could be moved using three control points and one control curve per wing.

Pigeon rig close